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Low Income Public Housing

The Low Income Public Housing Department is under the direction of the Director of Housing Operations. The Department itself consists of the Assistant Director of Public Housing, Occupancy Coordinator, two Admission Specialists, three Development Managers, three Assistant Development Managers, one Office Assistant at Estella Maxey and a UPCS Public Housing Inspector, and one Assistant Development Manager that also works at the Mart Housing Authority . It is responsible for intake of public housing clients and all of the activities related to managing our three housing development complexes: the Kate Ross Homes, Estella Maxey Place, and South Terrace Apartments.

South Terrace Apartments

100 Kennedy Circle

Estella Maxey Place

1809 J.J. Flewellen

Kate Ross Homes

937 South 11th

For more information about our Public Housing Program, Click on the following links.

The Mart Housing Authority is Supervised and Maintained by The Waco Housing Authority and Affiliates. Please contact Public Housing Operations and Maintenance for management questions.


The Maintenance Department of the Waco Housing Authority & Affiliates is under the direction of the Director of Housing Operations. It consists of one Assistant Director, one Maintenance Supervisor, one Work Order Clerk, one Inventory Clerk and a core support staff of Maintenance Mechanics and Laborers. The primary responsibility of this department is to provide maintenance, upkeep, and make-ready for the Public Housing Developments managed by the Housing Authority.